Refund policy


Can you buy at Peixeviratrapo's Virtual Store from any country?

You can buy from any country

Is it safe to buy on the Internet?

At Peixeviratrapo we are aware of the importance of shopping safely on the Internet. For this reason we guarantee you total security in all purchases made in our Online store. Peixeviratrapo uses secure payment systems from credible financial entities (EASYPAY) in electronic commerce. All data are confidential - Banking Information, Personnel, etc.

What is the deadline?

Mainland Portugal: 3 business days.

Wood; Azores; Spain and France: 7 working days.

Can you exchange or return the purchased items?

Yes, at Peixeviratrapo we strive to make you satisfied with your purchase. If you have received an order and you are not satisfied with any of the items, you can always request a return and when you meet the conditions that you can read below, we will deliver a purchase voucher for the amount of the returned items.


Steps to follow in case of return:

1. Request the return via email to num deadline of 7 days calendar since the date on which you received the order from the transport company.

2. Please tell us by email the order number and the reason why you want to return the item. In case of failure on the part of Peixeviratrapo, we will collect the article from the customer. If, on the other hand, there is no fault on our part, the shipping costs are borne by the customer.

The return must be made to our logistics center:

Sender: First and Last Name

Address: Recipient: Peixeviratrapo A/A Returns

Estrada Real - Quinta Carlos Gonçalves - Pinhal Redondo - Warehouse 8

2870-491 Montijo - Portugal

The return must meet these conditions to be accepted. Once the item has been received in our store and inspected carefully, we will send an email informing you of the acceptance of the return with the delivery of the corresponding purchase voucher.


purchase vouchers

Once the return is accepted, Peixeviratrapo will send you as soon as possible a purchase voucher in the amount of the purchase made. Purchase voucher It will be valid for 1 year and must be exchanged via our email address You can write us an email which products interest you.

No exchanges or returns of Jewellery, bathing suits and modified articles are carried out.